Check out this eye-catching concept car

Renault will be showcasing its design ethos for the first time at the London Design Museum. The French carmaker has collaborated with industrial designer Ross Lovegrove to create a one-off, all-electric five-door city car called the Twin Z.

And the results are eye-catching, to put it mildly.

Finished in a deep yet striking blue, chosen as an homage to French artist Yves Klein as well as a nod towards France’s cultural heritage, the car boasts yellow accents, prodigious use of LED lighting and of open spaces despite its diminutive size.

As Lovegrove, who was tasked with the interior design and the exterior’s look and feel, explains: “From the start, the intention was to build on the heritage of luxury and grace associated with France and to express it in a modern way, while at the same time creating a link between Renault’s past, present and future.”

And, looking at the finished piece, which will be on display in the Design Museum’s glass tank until Oct. 1, the future is certainly bright.

Renault claims that its participation in this year’s event is a concerted attempt to highlight the growing importance of design in the car-building process and how new technological advances, such as 3D modeling, printing and the use of composite and recycled materials is having a positive and creative impact on the design process.

The Twin Z will sit alongside a selection of small Renault cars old and new, from the now iconic 5 through to the Twingo to illustrate the evolution of the brand and of consumers’ appreciation of and appetite for design.

“The car has become a symbol of our progress and civilization; an icon of our technocracy and our ability to transform materials into objects of great precision and physical presence,” says Lovegrove.

The London Design Festival officially runs from Sept.14 to 22 and will be celebrated by a string of exhibitions, installations and events across the English capital.

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